Et saada viimaseid uudiseid, saada tühi e-kiri meie AADRESSILE
Vol. 1, nr. 9
Liberty City uudisteorgan
Neljapäeval, 18. oktoobril 2001
" Eilsed uudised täna "

October 2001/et

From Liberty Tree
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Järjekordne kaotus organiseeritud kuritegevusele

By Peter Armstrong, Liberty Tree News Bureau

October 18th 2001 3:22pm EST

A local hoodlum and criminal yesterday found out that after a lifetime of fast living, "bling and bitches" (platinum jewelry and loose women), crime really does not pay, after he was sent down for a long time, with no option of parole. VEEL

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Elderly Asian Man Held After Failing to Satisfy Immigration

Liberty Tree uudistebüroo

October 18th 2001 4:30pm EST

LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Amy Salzburg

The elderly Asian man who had caused a lot of confusion at our over-worked immigration service is due to be deported later this month after failing to satisfy the INS that he had a valid reason for entering the country. VEEL


Have You Seen This Woman?

Liberty Tree uudistebüroo

October 18th 2001 3:20pm EST

LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Kelly Sue DeConnick

FBI sources claim a well-known female bank robber and stick up merchant may now be operating in the Liberty City area. The picture above is of a mysterious and very dangerous female, police believe to be connected to a number of bank robberies in the southwest over the past three years. VEEL

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Liberty Tree Wins Award.

No New Information.

Liberty Tree uudistebüroo

October 18th 2001 2:10pm EST

LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Adam Tedman

The Liberty tree has been rightly rewarded again for our standards of excellence and commitment to delivering a quality newspaper to your door every day. VEEL

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Liberty Tree uudistebüroo

October 18th 2001 1:00pm EST

LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Gregory Lau

If there's one thing you'll never see fouling the streets of Liberty City, it's a dog. The city council have voted overwhelmingly to uphold the ban on dog ownership in our city. VEEL

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