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Vol. 1, Issue 9
The News Organ of Liberty City
Thursday October 18th, 2001
" Yesterday's News Today "

October 2001/Liberty Tree Wins Award

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Liberty Tree Wins Award.

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Liberty Tree News Bureau

October 18th 2001 2:10pm EST

LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Adam Tedman

The Liberty tree has been rightly rewarded again for our standards of excellence and commitment to delivering a quality newspaper to your door every day. This time we've won the very prestigious "Most Absorbent Newsprint Award" at the Cleaning and Tidying Association of America annual awards ceremony. Our newsprint was deemed by top scientists to be the best at absorbing a wide variety of common household spills and messes including red wine, ketchup, blood, pus, and baby sick. Following last year's investigation into the source of our newsprint, when a rival newspaper claimed our suppliers were getting our paper from non-renewable sources in Canada, rather than being part of the government agreed, environmentally-friendly campaign others subscribe to, we have gone one better. Now all of our newsprint comes from Brazil, where we are assured it is providing a much higher standard of living for everyone involved and helping a lot of Amer-Indians relocate from the rainforest to hill-side dwellings in glamorous Rio. We say "Stick that in your recycled pipe and smoke it!"

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